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Ayam is a free 3D modelling environment for the RenderMan interface.
Developer : Randolf Schultz
Size : 8.61Mb
OS : Linux
Requirements : No special requirements.
License : Freeware
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Ayam is a free 3D modelling environment for the RenderMan interface, distributed under the BSD licence. This means that neither the author nor any contributors make money out of this software. We need your (yes your!) feedback to keep this project alive. If you use Ayam, please submit your pictures, bug reports, or comments.Ayam features at a glance: * RIB (RenderMan Interface Bytestream) export and import. * Support for NURBS curves and (trimmed) NURBS surfaces, Boxes, Quadrics (Sphere, Disk, Cylinder, Cone, Hyperboloid, Paraboloid, and Torus), CSG, MetaBalls, Patch Meshes, Polygonal Meshes, and Subdivision Surfaces. * NURBS modelling includes approximating and interpolating curves as well as extrude, revolve, sweep, birail, skin and gordon objects with caps, holes, and bevels. * First modelling environment to support Subdivision NURBS. * Custom objects that may freely implement their representations (using OpenGL and RIB) and even small GUIs to edit their type specific parameters may be written by the user and dynamically loaded at runtime. * Scripting interfaces: Tcl, javascript Script objects. * Misc: instancing, arbitrary number of modeling views, object clipboard, independent property clipboard, console, n-level undo. * File formats (r/w): RIB, DXF, 3DM, 3DMF, OBJ, X3D.

What's New in This Release:
Bug Fixes:· the weights of the Cobb NURBS sphere are wrong (SF 3287828)· Tcl error when applying the ViewAttrib property (SF 3295757)· property reset does not work after object selection change (SF 3295758)· last element of dynamic property GUIs not visible (SF 3301967)· extracting the boundary of patches with differing orders (SF 3312039)· conversion of quadrics tNURBS (SF 3322311)· setting the display mode/tolerance of PatchMesh objects (SF 3360488)· reverting interpolating curves with custom derivatives (SF 3366276)· merging transformed PolyMeshes with normals (SF 3374188)· crash in surface knot insertion (SF 3376414)· views getting the wrong type temporarily (SF 3382382)· saving of the environment scene file (SF 3410856)· resize menu entries of external views are deactivated (SF 3414694)· caps of transformed outlines/holes (SF 3439485)· view camera changing inadvertently when another view is changed (SF 3442122)· OffsetNP objects are missing from exported RIB files (SF 3445410)· Gordon objects with transformed intersection patches (SF 3448526)· conversion of torii with phimin/phimax not on default fails (SF 3481314)· conversion of transformed quadrics with non-standard parameters (SF 3484008)· toXYNC resetting the scale attributes if an error occurs (SF 3485090)· operations on rational NURBS modify shapes (SF 3496743)· the application of static and dynamic code checking tools (splint, cppcheck, clang, valgrind, mudflap, drmemory) lead tthe discovery and fix of numerous smaller bugs (mostly memory leaks in error cases)Modelling:· knot rescaling of NURBS curves/surfaces nlonger requires custom knots· added support for periodic surfaces tbe created by Birail1· added object type "IPatch" for interpolating surfaces· added centripetal parameterization tsurface interpolation· the surface interpolation (e.g. in Sweep and Skin objects) is more robust, (can now cope with degenerate rows/columns in the input data)· added uniform parameterization tICurve· improved flashing of editable points for multiple selected objects· added object type "Mirror" (essentially a Clone in disguise)· Instance object points are not editable anymore due tcurrently unsolvable notification problems· moving the mouse pointer across the origin when scaling nlonger leads tbroken (i.e. very small) scale attributes· added setting the mark tselected points bounding box center (shortcut )· closed cubic interpolating curves now alsuse the EDLen parameter properly· improved initial derivatives when switching from automatic tmanual derivatives for ICurves· improved snapping points from half grid coordinates tthe grid by introduction of a mouse pointer warping facility (not available on MacOSX Aqua)· OffsetNP objects can now be associated with a material· added modelling actions tincrease/decrease the multiplicity of selected NURBS curve control points, new keyboard shortcuts: /· added hidden preference option "TagResetTagged" that controls whether invoking the tag (select) points action should clear the current point selection· improved curve splitting for curves with multiple knots· improved focus handling of direct point edit action· added "UVSelect" option tConcatNP object, this allows tdetermine in which direction a single parameter patch should be split before the concatenation· ConcatNP objects now allow curve and curve providing objects tbe used as parameter objects, alsin a mix with patches· added "Order" parameter tConcatNP, that allows tspecify the desired U order of the concatenated surface· added "FillGaps" and "FTLength" parameters tConcatNP that control the creation of fillets similiar tConcatNC· added custom knots tConcatNP sthat the shapes of parameter surfaces can now be preserved exactly (similar tConcatNC)· improved drawing of torii with phimin/phimax not on defaults· toXYNC can now work with ACurve and ICurve objects and is thus renamed ttoXYC (old command name still available but deprecated)· improved fillet creation of ConcatNC for parameter curve orders different from 4· converted Sphere patches now have the same direction as other quadrics tmake it easier tcombine them with ConcatNP· added tool (and corresponding scripting interface commands "refineuNP"/ "refinevNP") trefine NURBS surfaces· improved refinement of periodic curves (they are refined on their complete length now)· added region support trefine curve tool: a region trefine can be specified by selected points· improved handling of custom knots for the insert/delete point actionsGUI:· the property GUIs of Birail1, Birail2, Extrude, Gordon, Skin, Sweep, and Text objects are now properly saved (the data is not applied) for AddBevel/RemoveBevel· renamed direct point edit action tnumeric point edit· empty fields are now allowed in the numeric point edit dialog tallow "nchange" for the respective coordinate· the numeric point edit dialog now supports scripts and variable accesses in the entry fields· the ViewAttrib property GUI nlonger unconditionally sets the mark, this is now controlled by the new entry "SetMark" instead· zooming views via the keyboard is now reversible· the amounts of rotation and zooming per keyboard are now configurable via the ayamrc file· ICurve property GUI now only displays SDLen/EDLen entries when actually used and the Derivatives entry is now, as for the IPatch, a menu· improved tooltip placement and management· reset layout is more robust now· dialog window and balloon placement is now more robust wrt. multi monitor setups· removed "RGTrans" GUI preference option, all rendering GUI windows are now always transientImport/Export:· RIB export of tool objects now supports PV tagsScripts/Scripting Interface:· added "concatS" scripting command tconcatenate surfaces· added "interpuNP"/"interpvNP" scripting commands tinterpolate surfaces· added script "apnt.tcl" tautomatically switch a view (or all views) tpoint modelling, after the point selection action was used· added "remknuNP"/"remknvNP" commands tremove knots from surfaces· added "-i" option tall knot removal commands tspecify a knot by index (not by value)· renamed "shiftClosedBS" t"shiftC" command, "shiftC" can now alsshift/cycle normal closed NURBS curves, ICurve, and ACurve objects· improved range error reporting (now printing the valid range)· getPnt/setPnt now support writing to/reading from lists of double values (without double-string conversion i.e. without loss of precision)· getPnt/setPnt now allow tget/set all control points of an object· getPnt nlonger unconditionally writes tglobal variables· getPnt nlonger requests a variable for w tbe provided in "-eval" mode· scripts and plugins can now create their own view window keyboard shortcuts· renamed "forceNot" command tmore recognizable "notifyOb" for compatibility with existing scripts, the old name still works· added "-parent" option t"notifyOb" commandDocumentation/Example Files:· historic information (i.e. when did a feature appear) are now presented in a less obtrusive way (as footnotes)· improved layout of index, object trees, and code examplesInstallation:· there are now Makefile targets tintegrate Ayam with a Unix desktop environment (e.g. Gnome and KDE) via desktop shortcut, menu entry, and file type