Download Gufw 12.04.1

Excellent firewall to protect Ubuntu
Developer : Desarrolladores de Gufw
Size : 218 KB
OS : Linux
License : GPL/Free
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Excellent firewall to protect Ubuntu. Gufw is a very effective and easy to configure firewall for Linux. Leaving aside IPTables that used to be distributed with all the distributions, it seems like this firewall has managed to gain the general trust of the users due to its power and simplicity.  As with all the firewalls, Gufw will allow us to configure each application that we allow to connect to Internet, as well as denying incoming or outgoing connections whoever we like. This may not be as necessary in Linux as in Windows, but even when viruses aren't such a big problem, all protection comes in handy if the PC that we are protecting contains important data.  This firewall is developed to be used together with many P2P programs because it includes some presets for them, thus, we can indicate some BitTorrent clients to it, and it will automatically know how to act (which ports it has to open and the connections that it has to allow).  Gufw works on Ubuntu without any problems and it will help you to manage a system that is a lot more secure, avoiding programs that connect to the Web without any sense or incoming connections from unknown places.  Note: This download is only compatible with Debian based distributions, like Ubuntu.