Download Transmit 4.1.9

Very good and complete FTP client for Mac
Developer : Panic
Size : 22.4 MB
OS : Mac
License : Shareware
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Very good and complete FTP client for Mac. There are many FTP clients for Windows, not so many for Mac and none are as good as Transmit. This application as well as a style that is very similar to the operating systems by Apple, has an exemplary functionality and a enviable stability.  Among the features we find compatibility with FTP, SFTP and TLS/SSL, possibility to use it as an iDisk and .Mac Syn client, it has management of favorite sites, as well as the most used local folders, what's more it integrates into Spotlight to connect directly to an FTP account. It allows to automate tasks, manage the windows by means of tabs and also includes the same keyboard shortcuts as Max OS X and, of course, it integrates perfectly with iWeb.  Transmit's interface is extremely simple to understand, because it i very optimized, as well as integrating into the system allowing "Drag&Drop" or even previewing any file that can be found on the FTP.  To sum up, Transmit is the best FTP that is currently available for the Apple operating sytem, so do think twice and install it if you need to connect to a server.  Note: The trial version can be used during 7 days.